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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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Posts By Jessica Vernabe

Online Data Management Tool Helps Beekeepers Track Hives, Doesn’t Miss a Buzz

June 25, 2012 |

For beekeepers, it takes more than just the honey to make the money—and a viable beekeeping operation.

Good record keeping is necessary for efficient and sustainable beekeeping, industry professionals say. When a beekeeper goes out to his yard to inspect his hives, there are many details to track—how many hives are in each yard, which queens are in which hives, which medical treatments were applied and much more. When left to memory, facts can easily be forgotten. Meanwhile, paper notebooks can be misplaced or become disorganized. Read More

Innovative Food Distribution Co. in Oklahoma Brings Local Food to City, Sustainable Farmers Benefit

June 21, 2012 |

Farmers often have many hats to wear—grower, food packager, delivery person, sales booth setup coordinator, social media promoter, bookkeeper, and the list goes on.

Matthew Burch, the founder of Urban Agrarian in Oklahoma City, believes that farmers shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of these responsibilities all on their own. That’s why he started his company in 2008. The company purchases products from food producers within the state at discounted prices and then sells them to local retail shoppers and wholesalers. Read More

Farm Management Software Startup Increases Efficiency, Opens Eyes and Wallets in Silicon Valley

June 12, 2012 |

Running a dairy or cattle operation efficiently requires the management, tracking and assessment of complex sets of data ranging from animal feeding cycles and health to overall production performance. Farmers and their teams often spend an inordinate amount of time and money shuffling through spreadsheets, manually cobbling together data to insure that their operations run smoothly.

To solve this problem and increase the efficiency of data management, a company called Farmeron has developed an online software product that enables livestock farmers to easily track the ins and outs of their animals. The company’s software program allows farmers to manage such data sets as the number of animals on the farm, feeding cycles, milk production, medical treatments, location transfers and much more. Through Farmeron’s cloud-based web application, farmers can update their data as they go and later create reports and analytics that keep their farms running more efficiently. Read More

Online Software Streamlines Planning and Management for Small Farmers, Enhances Sustainability

June 4, 2012 |

AgSquared Founders Giulia Stellari and Jeff Gordon. Photo: AgSquared

Farmers all over the United States and beyond have cast aside their notebooks, paper calendars and spreadsheets in exchange for an online software program called AgSquared. The product is designed to ease some of the farmers’ planning, management and record keeping woes by providing a comprehensive tool that helps keep data organized.

Giulia Stellari and Jeff Froikin Gordon founded AgSquared (the company has the same name as the software program) in 2009 after they both received their doctorate degrees from Cornell University, Stellari said. Read More

Silicon Valley Incubator Program Places Focus Squarely on Development of Sustainable Food and Farm Startups

May 29, 2012 |

Palo Alto-based Local Food Lab aims to be an incubator for sustainable food- and farm-focused startups that will help rebuild a broken food system. The idea is to equip entrepreneurs with the tools to create businesses that are scalable so they can make a larger impact in the food sector, says Local Food Lab CEO and Co-Founder Krysia Zajonc. Local Food Lab starts its first incubator program in June, offering entrepreneurs four weeks of top-notch business training, access to seasoned mentors, opportunities to network with each other and the chance to pitch their ideas to investors. Read More