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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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Submit a Sustainable Farm Profile!

If you operate a sustainable farm, our wide audience of readers, who range from farmers to entrepreneurs to agvocates to sustainable ag enthusiasts and more, wants to hear your story and learn from you.

They want to know about your farm and the sustainable practices that you utilize to leave the land better off for future generations, to benefit your local community and to achieve profit over the long term.

What we’re looking for:

To be listed in our Farm Profiles section/database and be featured on our site, Facebook page ,  twitter feed and elsewhere, the fastest way would be to provide answers to the following questions, which we will then use to create a post on your farm:

  • What is the story of how your farm came to be? (What is your background? Have you always been a farmer? Etc.)
  • What do you grow on your farm?
  • Why have you chosen to embrace organic, sustainable practices on your farm?
  • What unique sustainable, organic agriculture practices does your farm employ? (e.g. Cover cropping, holistic grazing, humane treatment of animals etc.) Please provide details.
  • Do you use any sustainable agriculture-related technology on the farm? (e.g. anaerobic digestion, solar, drip irrigation system, etc.)
  • How does the farm make money? (e.g. CSA, distribution to retail, coop, farmers market, sales to restaurants, etc.)
  • Is it profitable, or self-sustaining?
  • What challenges does the farm face?
  • What are the future goals of your farm?

If interested, please submit your profile to email hidden; JavaScript is required

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