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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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Suing Before the Seeds Blow

April 4, 2011 |

They might not be sued, but then again they might be.  It’s all about the possibility of patent-protected transgenic seed, as the famous Dylan song goes, ‘blowin’ in the wind’ and cross-pollinating non-transgenic crops.

In an effort to thwart patent infringement lawsuits that might arise at some point in the future should GM seed ‘blowin’ in the wind’ contaminate their crops, 60 family farmers, organic agricultural organizations, and seed companies have filed a preemptive suit against Monsanto. Read More

Seedstock Digest: Sustainable Ag and Tech News

April 1, 2011 |

IKEA recently released it 2010 Sustainability Report.  As it relates to agriculture, sustainable farming of cotton is a key priority for the company’s Sustainability Direction 2015, which seeks to influence the “entire value chain, from product design and development to the very end of a product’s life.  IKEA has been working with WWF since 2005 to introduce more sustainable agriculture practices to cotton farmers in Pakistan and India. Read More

Startup Profile: Vive Nano: Bringing Nanotechnology to the Farm

March 31, 2011 |

If I said the word ‘agriculture’ to you, would you think of cows grazing, endless fields of corn, grain silos, and red barns?  Or, would you think about modern farm technology in agriculture like GPS, remote sensors, aeroponic systems, on-farm renewable energy systems, et al?

Whatever you envisioned, chances are the word nanotechnology did not immediately come to mind. So, how does nanotechnology play a role in supporting sustainable agriculture? Read More

New Venture Global Investor Forum

March 31, 2011 |

The New Ventures Global Investor Forum will be held in New York next week.  The focus of the forum will be on Green Opportunities in Tomorrow’s Markets.  Participating startup companies whose products promote sustainable agriculture, biomass-based renewable energy systems, and forestry include:

AliBio, a Mexico-based biotechnology company that develops products for aquaculture, agriculture, and water treatment.  The company’s product are primarily developed from microorganisms.  The company develops a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, all natural microbial product that effectively restores the microbial balance of soils in turn reducing the need for conventional fertilizers by 10 – 25%. Read More

Startup Profile: AeroFarms: Urban Agriculture Aeroponic Systems

March 29, 2011 |

People are moving in ever increasing numbers from rural areas into urban city centers.  Global population is expected to increase by nearly 40% to 9 billion people in the next 40 years.  Threats to agriculture from climate change, loss of arable land, pesticide resistance, and water shortages continue to grow more acute.  As noted in our previous article “Urban and Agriculture Can Coexist,” cities and their attendant entrepreneurs will need to embrace urban agriculture in order to meet this future demand for food and ensure food security. Read More