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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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Local Food Systems Development

Building local food systems is very complicated. There’s land use policy to consider, economic incentives and disincentives to comprehend, numerous complex pieces to connect within the supply chain. Additionally, you probably have neither the time nor the resources to set up a division to manage and propel local food initiatives that have the potential to deliver real economic returns to your city and community. That’s where Seedstock comes in to act as your outsourced, agriculture-focused economic development team and provide technological assistance, do the research, and connect the various stakeholders in your community around a common goal.


Seedstock can provide with you following services to grow your local food system:

  • Local Food System Strategy
  • Survey and Research Paper Development
  • Local Food Branding
  • Conference and Event Development
  • New Business Development
  • Grant and Business Plan Writing
  • Food Policy Council Development
  • Social Media and Communications


Our mission is to help you develop and enrich your sustainable local food ecosystem. We will work with you to help you take advantage of the myriad economic development opportunities related to local agriculture.


Client: City of Riverside, CA

Date: July 2013 – July 2015

Objective: To develop viable local food system solutions and to insure the preservation of the City of Riverside’s agricultural assets

Strategy: The development of GrowRIVERSIDE – a multi-stakeholder driven local food initiative to strengthen the community, environment and economy of Riverside. Components of the initiative include:

  • Local Food Systems Development – Mapping the local food opportunity in Riverside and its potential benefit to community and economy; aligning local food and agriculture stakeholders and creating a unifying objective
  • Branding – Conceptualization and Development of ‘GrowRIVERSIDE’ name, logo, messaging and brand extensions (website, conference series, et al – See below)
  • GrowRIVERSIDE: Annual Conference – Creation of multi-day conference that takes place in Spring of each year to address local food system development in the City of Riverside
  • website – Website generating original stories to inform citizenry and businesses of activities and endeavors related to local food marketplace development in the City of Riverside
  • GrowRIVERSIDE: Dinners in the Grove – Bi-monthly farm-to-table dinner series set in a farmer’s grove to celebrate Riverside’s citrus heritage and locally grown produce; a local chef is paired with a local farm(s)
  • GrowRIVERSIDE: Community Gatherings – Networking gatherings for City of Riverside residents to discuss food-related entrepreneurial and community endeavors

GrowriversideResults: Over the past two years we have built awareness for and strengthened the local food system infrastructure in the City of Riverside by engaging thousands of citizens in Riverside. Highlights include:

  • 3 Million Media Impressions via press releases, news articles, social media and
  • 860 Paying Attendees for the two Annual GrowRIVERSIDE Conferences put on in 2015 and 2014
  • Attracted over 64 Sponsors to cover costs associated with GrowRIVERSIDE events
  • Facilitation of Food Policy Council – Spurred development of Riverside Food System Alliance (RFSA), Riverside’s food policy council by connecting city with former Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin to develop food policy council roadmap; RFSA received grant-funding in 2015
  • New Business Leads Generated for the City of Riverside
  • Momentum to move the City of Riverside’s Local Food System forward


Please contact us via email: robert [at] seedstock [dot] com or phone: 424.229.1460 to set up a time to speak. We look forward to discussing how Seedstock can help you build and strengthen your local food system!