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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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Business Services

Seedstock is a social venture that fosters sustainability and innovation in agriculture and local food systems. Through its Business Services arm, Seedstock seeks to help companies, growers, organizations, government agencies and the wide array of food system stakeholders aligned with its mission to build a sustainable food ecosystem of innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.

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Every agricultural organization has a gripping story to tell, but piecing together a narrative that resonates with those customers who are likely to buy your product or service requires a deft touch.

At Seedstock Agricultural Marketing and Communications our goal is to help your organization construct a compelling story that enables you to convey your value proposition more effectively to a wider audience of potential customers.

Click here to learn more: Seedstock Agricultural Marketing and Communication Services



Building local food systems is very complicated. There’s land use policy to consider, economic incentives and disincentives to comprehend, numerous complex pieces to connect within the supply chain. Additionally, you probably have neither the time nor the resources to set up a division to manage and propel local food initiatives that have the potential to deliver real economic returns to your city and community. That’s where Seedstock comes in to act as your outsourced, agriculture-focused economic development team and provide technological assistance, do the research, and connect the various stakeholders in your community around a common goal.

Click here to learn more: Seedstock Local Food Systems Development



Please contact us via email: robert [at] seedstock [dot] com or phone: 424.229.1460 to set up a time to speak. We look forward to discussing how Seedstock can help you grow!