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Posts By Terra Ash Bruxvoort

Neighborhood Alliance Plans to Convert Vacant Lot into Urban Farm, Housing Complex

February 24, 2015 |
Image courtesy of Grow Pittsburgh

Image courtesy of Grow Pittsburgh

The Hilltop Alliance, a Pennsylvania nonprofit, is working on a project that could drastically advance urban agriculture in the state. The organization wants to turn a vacant 107-acre lot into Hilltop Village Farm, a multi-use development that would include 120 townhomes, a 20-acre urban farm incubator, a youth farm and CSA. If the plan is successful, the farm could be one of the largest urban farms in the country.

The Hilltop Alliance was formed in 2009 as a multi-neighborhood community development organization. Read More

Towards Doing Thanksgiving Right: 7 Books By Sustainable Chefs

November 25, 2014 |

The-Chefs-Collaborative-Cookbook-Cover-FINALThanks to reality TV shows like Top Chef and Mind of a Chef, some chefs have become bigger celebrities than ever before. Many are taking their newfound celebrity and using it as a platform to spread important messages about sustainable food. These chefs are running their own farms, working with farmers to bring back local ingredients, and advocating for sustainable fish and meat. Whether you’re interested in the farm-to-table movement, improving your own cooking, or just want to read about food, these seven books by sustainable chefs are sure to deliver. Read More