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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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Reducing Food System Energy Demand While Scaling Up Urban Agriculture

March 5, 2018 |

Urban agriculture (UA) has been undergoing a global resurgence in recent decades, with cities in both advanced and emerging economies implementing programs to encourage its use (Mok et al 2013, Orsini et al 2013, Hamilton et al 2013, Vitiello and Brinkley 2013). This renewed interest has led to the exploration of the extent to which UA could be expanded, including a number of investigations that estimate the potential for UA to meet local food demand; for example, Grewal and Grewal (2012), McClintock et al (2013) and Goldstein et al (2017), suggest provision of total food demand (former) and vegetable demand (latter two), of 4.2%−17.7%, 5% and 32%, respectively. Expanding UA is expected to improve local sustainability, including benefits to social (addressing food deserts, building community cohesion, or higher intake of fresh produce) and economic (cash crop production, reduced food costs) facets of cities. The environmental aspects associated with the net direct and indirect energy implications of UA will be the primary sustainability focus area of this research. Read More