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12 Sustainable Food Podcasts for Your Holiday Travel

12 Sustainable Food Podcasts for Your Holiday Travel

December 22, 2015 |

Courtesy Gravy Audio

Courtesy Gravy Audio

For those with daily commutes, or perhaps just a lot of holiday travel coming up, there’s more to the listening experience than simply the latest episode of Serial.

If you’re in search of something a bit more food-conscious to listen to, try out one (or all) of these podcasts–a collection of audio stories, interviews, histories, and information about food and agriculture.

Episodes of each can be found on iTunes, or on their respective websites.

The Farm Report

The Farm Report explores agriculture and food production through interviews with farmers, butchers, and experts on topics ranging from the future of raising goats to Walmart’s stance on animal treatment. The most recent episode of The Farm Report is especially fitting for a holiday drive–it’s a two-part look into Christmas tree farming.

Fuhmentaboudit! (Ferment About It!)

Intimidated by home fermentation? Unsure how long to let your kimchi sit? Tune in to this podcast to calm your fears about the process and start making your own beer, cider, and sourdough starters in the new year.

Earth Eats

Each Earth Eats episode is like a food magazine for the ears–a variety of stories from different spheres of the food world. Expect tales of the meat industry alongside recipes for baked brie and an update on the population of Monarch Butterflies.


Even if you’re not from the South, there’s a lot to love about the Gravy podcast. It’s a deep dive into Southern food culture–from an analysis of Mason Jar mania to charting Hurricane Katrina change through cuisine. A recent episode questions the choice of vegetarianism in the meat-centric region.


When it becomes not enough to simply grow food or cook with it, it’s time to understand the science and history of the ingredients often taken for granted. Think Radiolab for food–the hosts of Gastropod look to provide answers to often unasked questions.

Deconstructing Dinner

Before ending in 2014, Deconstructing Dinner tackled past and present food system questions–like what organic really means and climate friendly eating. The series is perfect for one looking to understand what’s behind all the food buzzwords of today.

Edible Radio

What began as a podcast network about the edible heritage of the Appalachian Region has transformed into a series of interviews with knowledgeable makers and writers of food. Learn how to make cheese, or about one man’s journey to visit every single brewery in Oregon.

Permaculture Voices

Interested in the process of permaculture design? Unsure of what permaculture even means? Tune into this podcast to learn how to make your life more sustainable based on the principles of this practice.

Living Homegrown

Living Homegrown is an instructional podcast for the farmer or local foodie aspiring to produce more than they consume. Learn how to create your own fruit liqueur, preserve herbs ready for harvest, and more.

We Dig Plants

Ever wondered about the science behind plant color? How about how plant genetics have evolved? Listen to We Dig Plants and begin to see your crops a little differently.

BBC’s The Food Chain

Experts and BBC journalists discuss the economics, science, and culture of what we eat. Expect investigations into what food will be like on Mars, attempts to tackle the issue of food waste, and what feasting says about human nature.

The Beginning Farmer

Feeling alone in your farming pursuits? Ethan Book details his successes, failures, ideas, and challenges with the Internet in his podcast about starting a farm. For those without an agricultural community, Book can be a pretty nice replacement.

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