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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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Sustainable Ag + Food News: Seedstock’s Weekly Roundup

November 12, 2015 |

seedstock1 A seismic shift in how people eat [New York Times]

Excerpt: Eating habits are changing across the country and food companies are struggling to keep up.

2 Seattle urban farm for homeless youth set to expand [King 5]

Excerpt: In south Seattle, an urban farm is producing more than fruits and vegetables. Homeless youth are turning their lives around through hard                                                                      

3 Borrow, save, share: 3 ways seeds can democratize our food system [Yes! Magaizne]

Excerpt: Just six companies control 63 percent of the commercial seed market. But seed libraries offer us an opportunity to reclaim the seed commons and create our own community food systems.                              

4 If GMOs aren’t the problem with our food system, then what is? [Washington Post]

Excerpt: Food leaders make their case for what needs fixing, and how we might try to fix it.                             

5 Philly Foodworks adds tech, ingenuity to link farms to tables []

Excerpt: Philly Foodworks acts as a conduit between the modern farmer and the modern conscious eater.                            

6 Are food deserts to blame for America’s poor eating habits? [The Atlantic]

Excerpt: When it comes to nutrition access, the focus should be on poverty, not grocery-store location.                                   

7 Sustainable living: achieve aquaponics for small-scaled homes [Realty Today]

Excerpt: Sustainable living is possible even for urban dwellers. And the size of your home or land doesn’t matter now, even people living in loft apartments, studio-type condominiums or small homes can achieve the joys of growing their own food by Aquaponics.                                 

8 Sunburst offshoot brings aquaponics to West Asheville [Citizen-Times]

Excerpt: Sally Eason and company bring fish-and-food industry to Smith Mill Works site.                   

9 Aquaponics gaining interest in our state [Salisbury Post]

Excerpt: Last week, I said that I would write about a recent trip to an aquaponics farm in Raleigh. Lately, aquaponics has become a hot topic, although some have confused it with hydroponics, which is also still popular.                           

10 Futuristic garden uses aquaponics to grow veggies [ZME Science]

Excerpt: Let’s try again: Imagine you could grow your food at home, year-round, using a futuristic aquarium/garden system!

11 Missouri agriculture grant to help area Hmong farmers [Joplin Globe]

Excerpt: Fue Yang walks by rows of yu choy, an Asian green with bright yellow flowers, and rows of freshly planted garlic on the farm he runs with his parents.                                   

12 Agriculture Center will benefit from MCPS bond money [NBC Montana]

Excerpt: Two big bonds for Missoula County Public Schools passed Tuesday night. The bonds are worth $158 million.                                                     

13 Young, idealistic farmers help keep land in production [Seattle Times]

Excerpt: Hauling feed, herding pigs, long hours. Farming is hard. And 25-year-old Leanna Mulvihill loves it. Young farmers like Mulvihill are bright green shoots in a field full of old growth.             

14 MIT startup brings urban agriculture indoors [MIT News]

Excerpt: Co-founders of the Somerville-based startup Grove enable people to grow their own produce with an intelligent indoor gardening appliance.                               

15 Window farms: an experiment in urban agriculture [Earth911]

Excerpt: That sunny window is ripe for reaping winter’s harvest. A fun DIY project, indoor window farms are easy to manage. Your next ingredient is just steps away.                                 

16 Can San Fran teach Detroit how to be more green? [Detroit Free Press]

Excerpt: Quality of life, cost controls, and job creation can all stem from the blue-green projects Detroit is starting to think about.                                   

17 How small is their garden? [The Boston Globe]

Excerpt: Lisa Evans and Tim Smith left full-time teaching careers in Boston Public Schools to start their microgreens business at home in Roslindale.                               

18 Urban farm searching for new home [KUNR]

Excerpt: A nearly one-acre urban farm in downtown Reno is looking for a new home after its lease expired. Reno Public Radio’s Julia Ritchey has more.                                     

19 Urban farming in downtown Las Vegas [Foodtank]

Excerpt: Vegas Roots is working to bring together the diverse community of Las Vegas by growing organic produce and promoting healthy lifestyles.

20 Rooftop farm designer Gwen Schantz wants to cover New York City in green [Curbed]

Excerpt: For someone who now holds a very specific, focused job—Chief Operating Officer at urban farming business Brooklyn Grange, helping run the two largest rooftop farms in the world and leading the firm’s green design and installations division—Gwen Schantz, 34, has taken a rather meandering path.                         

21 St Louis self storage operator wave storage leases rooftop for urban farming project [Inside Self Storage]

Excerpt: Wave Storage, a self-storage operator serving the Loft District in downtown St. Louis, is earning nearly $10,000 per year by leasing its 9,000-square-foot rooftop space to Urban Harvest, a nonprofit community-garden program.                                              

22 FarmedHere wants to bring a vertical farm to your city [Fast Company]

Excerpt: Your local produce is about to get a lot more local, when the indoor farm company launches 18 new sites.                                

23 The big money of changing food and agriculture tech [Chicago Tribune]

Excerpt: Venture capitalists put more money into the food and agriculture industries year after year, hoping to get in early with the companies that could transform the way the world eats.                           

24 To feed humankind, we need the farms of the future today [Newsweek]

Excerpt: If we keep farming like we’ve been for the past century, we’ll end up with millions starving and a planet denuded of trees.                                   

25 If everybody hates wasting food, why do we do it (and how can we stop)? [Ensia]

Excerpt: When it comes to reducing consumer food waste, guilt doesn’t cut it. Here’s what does.

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