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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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Sustainable Ag + Food News: Seedstock’s Weekly Roundup

September 17, 2015 |


1 Local students get agriculture introduction with first Nevada County Farm Day [TheUnion]

Excerpt: Four months ago, a Farm Day for youth in Nevada County was nothing more than a seed of an idea Agricultural Commissioner Chris Flores planted in the local farm resource community.                              

2 Grow La Crosse festival puts local agriculture in focus [Arizona Public Media]

Excerpt: As the fall-like temperatures hit our area a festival celebrating local agriculture is underway.                                

3 City Planning Commission to Talk Urban Agriculture [Arizona Public Media]

Excerpt: Planning Commission will discuss proposed changes to the city’s zoning codes.                           

4 10 companies feeding the urban farming boom [Green Biz]

Excerpt: From shipping containers to personalized produce, a look at the cutting edge of urban ag.                                     

5 The secret(s) to sustainable urban farms across the U.S. [Soapbox Media]

Excerpt: Urban agriculture, once a buzz-y idea for transforming vacant spaces, has taken root in cities across America. Cities and farmers are now thinking about how to make the movement sustainable year-round and long-term.                                  

6 ‘World’s best restaurant’ Noma to close and reopen as urban farm [Fox News]

Excerpt: Chef Rene Redzepi will close Noma at the end of 2016.                                     

7 How Vertical Farming Is Disrupting Urban Food Production [Huffington Post]

Excerpt: Too often, we see the present and the future in terms of ‘either/or,’ when, in actuality, the relation is more like ‘both/and.’                                      

8 Bowman launches urban farm [NWI Times]

Excerpt: With the cackling of hens and the crowing of one rooster strutting around the chicken coop, the students at Thea Bowman Leadership Academy went about their work putting in fresh water and hay and talking among themselves.                                  

9 Looking back on a decade of growth in Detroit’s urban ag movement [Model D]

Excerpt: As we celebrate a decade of publishing in Detroit, we look back on the growth of the city’s urban agriculture movement in recent years.                                  

10 Little Crop Circles aims to help people grow more food in less space with less water [Tree Hugger]

Excerpt: A new kind of watering device promises to ‘grow more food in any climate, anywhere,’ whether used in gardens, farms, or containers.                                    

11 New growers learn basics at Oregon State farms school [Statesman Journal]

Excerpt: He was speaking to a class of beginning beekeepers, but Joe Maresh’s advice probably could apply to all the prospective farmers who attended Oregon State University’s one-day Small Farms School: ‘Take your stings.’                                     

12 Wegmans gives $75K to local non-profit [WIVB Buffalo]

Excerpt: The grant will help the Massachusetts Avenue Project build a Farmhouse Community Center.                                      

13 USC to expand construction of aquaponics systems  [Daily Trojan]

Excerpt: The device on Catalina Island and in Parkside Gardens will collectively produce 3,700 plants and 80 pounds of fish.                                      

14 Spooky Folk’s Christopher Brown Set to Open an Aquaponics Autism Center in Denton [Dallas Observer]

Excerpt: When he graduated from the University of North Texas with degree in psychology and philosophy, Christopher Brown found himself $30,000 in debt and short on job prospects. The Spooky Folk drummer took what work he could get, taking two jobs to cover his loan payments, and to pay the rent.                                      

15 Innovative program teaches Bay Area jail inmates farming skills [San Francisco Chronicle]

Excerpt: Lafayette Reed dipped a paper strip into a large fish tank and waited a couple of minutes before comparing its color with a chart on the side of a bottle to measure nitrate levels of water being pumped from the reservoir into planting beds above. The program is intended to teach inmates skills both applicable in their pursuit of their high school diplomas and transferable to a new and burgeoning field of environmentally sustainable farming.                                    

16 Tulsa Kids Learning Hydroponic Gardening [News on 6]

It’s a big words for some little kids – but Riverfield Country Day School students are learning hydroponic gardening.                                      

17 Bunnell gardens: from ground — to table —  to tummy [Palm Coast Observer]

Excerpt: Bunnell students grow food using hydroponics.

18 World’s First Hydraulic-Driven Vertical Farm Produces 1 Ton of Vegetables Every Other Day [Eco Watch]

Excerpt: Year-round vegetables, minimal resources, climate-resistant—we’ve sung praises about vertical farms many times before. But Singapore’s Sky Greens is something very special.                                     

19 How Vertical Farming is Revolutionizing the Way We Grow Food [io9]

Excerpt: Traditional farming is taking a huge toll on the environment—a problem that’s set to worsen due to our ever-growing global population. Yet there are some high-tech solutions. Here’s what you need to know about the burgeoning practice of controlled-environment agriculture and how it’s set to change everything from the foods we eat to the communities we live in.                                 

20 Urban Farming Hits The Roof [Huffington Post]

Excerpt: While some of the press about the rise of urban farming suggests that it’s merely the province of hipsters, the truth is that done correctly and at scale, it can be a sustainable, and ultimately profitable use of valuable city space that can bring farmers and shoppers much closer together.

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