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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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Sustainable Ag + Food News: Seedstock’s Weekly Roundup

August 26, 2015 |

seedstock1 Lillooet food hub cuts out the middleman [Pique News Magazine]

Excerpt: A new Lillooet-based food hub aims to cut out the middleman between farmers and consumers, allowing them to spend more time doing what they do…     


2 Local Agriculture: Study Says Local-Market Users Seek Community [Nature World News]

Excerpt: The number of farmers’ markets and food coops has ballooned nationally since 2004. A new University of Iowa study looked at this phenomenon, which was part of the direct-to-consumer sales that grew twice as fast as total agricultural sales between 1992 and 2007, according to the USDA.

3 Planning Commission delays vote on urban agriculture ordinance [Encinitas Advocate]

Excerpt: The Encinitas Planning Commission on Aug. 20 said a proposed urban agriculture ordinance that would relax livestock buffers and permits leaves too many questions unanswered.

4 Afterhouse turns blighted buildings into urban agriculture hot spots [Model D]

Excerpt: When most people talk about urban agriculture in Detroit, they say it with the idea of putting vacant land to use. Afterhouse, however, wants to grow the city’s urban agriculture sector by putting vacant buildings to use.

5 Occupy the farm: documentary explores activism in urban farming [CS Monitor]

Excerpt: This documentary film focuses on the story of 200 urban farmers in California who took action to save a publicly-owned research farm from becoming developed for real estate.

6 Reader View: Gaia Gardens represents possibility for urban farming [Santa Fe New Mexican]

Excerpt: I am a young professional raised in Santa Fe but educated out of state, and, now that I have finished college, I am looking for a community in which to start a career. I care deeply about community and environmental sustainability, so an important factor in my choice of a home city will be the presence — or absence — of grass-roots community organizations focused on local, sustainable food.     

7 UC Berkeley launches minor in food systems studies [Berkley Side]

Excerpt: For the first time Cal students interested in studying how the food system works can obtain a minor degree in it.

8 Urban Futures Farm Offers Edibles and Education to Olympia’s Eastside [ThurstonTalk]

Excerpt: TJ Johnson feels delighted when people swing by Urban Futures Farm seeking fresh tomatoes for dinner. After all, he’s not just he

9 ‘Aquaponics’ introduced to Putnam County [Banner Graphic]

Excerpt: Ever wonder what exactly goes into your food? That’s the thought on the minds of Steve and Missy Carrell, two pioneers of the aquaponics industry. If you missed your chance to stop by the Ponderosa Aqua Farm booth at the First Friday Festival, worry not. In an effort to spread the word about healthy-eating, the Carrells encourage those interested to come explore the compound located near Spencer…

10 A look at the Ingenuity Innovation Center for aquaponics (Photos) [Portland Business Journal]

Excerpt: The 20-acre site, which received a blessing-of-sorts from the ‘godfather’ of aquaponics, aims to nurture a fledgling resource-driven industry.

11 Farming in the Sky: Inside a Wall Street-Backed Vertical Farm [Fox Business]

Excerpt: Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), Prudential Financial (NYSE: PRU), and RBH Group have partnered with a 10-year-old startup called Aerofarms to build the world’s largest vertical farm in Newark, N.J.

12 The vertical farm goes mobile [Gizmag]

Excerpt: Vertical farms present an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable means of producing food in the face of growing urban populations worldwide. A see-through, mobile vertical farm project called Isabel is aiming to take this message on the road.                                   

13 A Hawaii Food Festival Goes Local [NY Times]

Excerpt: The fifth annual Hawaii Food & Wine festival begins on Aug. 29, and will feature the cooking of more than 100 chefs.           

14 No more ‘mystery meat’: Locally sourced school food comes to La Cañada [LA Times]

Excerpt: School cafeterias have not historically engendered positive associations, instead evoking memories of surly lunch ladies dishing up sloppy joe sandwiches made of “mystery meat” to unwitting students.                            

15 On Happy Meals, Two Buck Chuck and school gardens [LA Times]

Excerpt: As apparently well-fed students meandered onto the USC campus for the fall semester, reporter Daina Beth Solomon sat with teaching professor LaVonna Lewis in her office in the Price School of Public Policy and grilled her about her study of food’s role in communities and her work pushing liquor stores to sell vegetables and farmers markets to take food stamps . We later emailed her questions and crunched the conversation into this…                             

16 New England deserves a regional food plan – The Boston Globe [Boston Globe]

Excerpt: Better coordination would cut down on duplicative efforts and inefficiencies.                                                   

17 Seattle restaurants get their veggies fresh from the (organic) farm

Excerpt: The Seattle Urban Farm Co.’s Urban Fringe Farm in Woodinville grows lettuces for The Pink Door, as well as vegetables and herbs for other Seattle-area restaurants.

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