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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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Sustainable Ag + Food News: Seedstock’s Weekly Roundup

August 20, 2015 |

1 Urban farms need financially sound business models to be truly sustainable (MSU Extension)

Excerpt: Michigan State University Extension applies research from MSU to help Michigan residents solve everyday problems in agriculture, community development, nutrition, family finances, youth development and more.                     

2 Urban Agriculture in MSP: Growing, Diversifying, Sustainable (The Line)

Excerpt: MSP’s urban agriculture ecosystem includes operations that the mimic sustainable, family- or cooperatively-run market farms, as well as smaller-scale community gardens, individuals operating a market stall and ag operations serving the public good.

3 Urban Agriculture proposal moving forward (KVOA)

Excerpt: Tucson, AZ- A few years ago, Tucsonian Scott Wert decided to build a chicken coop in his backyard. 

4 Anne L. Alonzo: Omaha, USDA lead local-food push (USDA)

Excerpt: Americans have more options than ever to get to know their local farmers and ranchers.

5 Fifty+ under 50: #foodheroes transforming DC’s food system (Elevation DC)

Excerpt: Everywhere you look in D.C., there are #foodheroes. People helping D.C. residents grow more food, eat healthier, and care for the environment with their eating choices.                      

6 Join this attempt to map every single person connected to local food in Maine (Bangor Daily News)

Excerpt: Are you looking to buy local food? Or are you a farmer, local food distributor, processor, seller or food-related community organizer? You probably want to see this in-progress map.

7 Resilient farming systems: How local foodsheds can brace for climate change (Mountain X)

Excerpt: What does a drought in California have to do with Western North Carolina? Local experts say that the situation holds lessons for food systems throughout the country, including how to become more resilient in the face of climate change.                              

8 Portland aquaponics firm launches salad subscription, expands team (Portland Business Journal)

Excerpt: Mobius Microfarms, a Portland-based maker of modular aquaponics systems, has added a CSA-style program for commercially grown microgreens.                       

9 Minneapolis nonprofit focuses on food to train, heal (MPR News)

Excerpt: Appetite For Change provides training and jobs in the food business for young people from a violence-prone neighborhood.

10 Poll Finds Most Back Healthy School Meals (NY Times)

Excerpt: According to the poll, released by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 86 percent of Americans support the standards required by a 2010 law, including providing more fruits and vegetables.            

11 How L.A. Kitchen does it all, from fighting food waste to training workers and feeding seniors (LA Times)

Excerpt: The black-uniformed culinary students milling around Mud Hen Tavern chef Kajsa Alger are doing more than learning how to make tostada with vegetarian chorizo. They’re in the forefront of a new approach to charitable feeding.

12 Drought-conscious urban farming (LA Times)

Excerpt: The Growing Experience in Long Beach uses some of the latest drought-conscious growing techniques for urban agriculture.                          

13 Is California Really Winning the Drought?: Reader Q.& A. (LA Times)

Excerpt: The author of a Sunday Review essay about water conservation responds to readers’ questions.

14 City Council approves compost ordinance (Chicago Tribune)

Excerpt: Chicago’s City Council on Wednesday approved an ordinance to track and legalize donations of uncooked food scraps to urban farms and community gardens that make fertilizer.         

15 Great Greens grows for area produce buyers (Toledo Blade)

Excerpt: Dan Sadoski’s work-worn fingers glide over a small tray of tiny green plants as he searches for a good example for an impromptu taste test. “This is almost harvest size,” he says as he snatches up a seedling and plucks off the roots. Into the mouth.

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