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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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Sustainable Ag + Food News: Seedstock’s Weekly Roundup

June 25, 2015 |

seedstock1 Land agreement aims to increase sustainable agriculture in Loess Hills

Excerpt: Fifty-three acres of farmland and oak tree savannah in the Loess Hills will be farmed sustainably as part of an agreement between an area landowner and a budding nonprofit organization.

2 Community Supported Agriculture and Sustainable Farming are Part of Montville’s Middle School Curriculum

Excerpt: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an important part of Matthew Myers’ science curriculum

3 Creative Solutions Emerging in Urban Farming

Excerpt: We need to replace conventional farming with sustainable food systems to stop climate change. Here are three creative solutions emerging in urban farming

4 Why Joining the Urban Agriculture Movement Will Make You Healthier – US News

Excerpt: Gardening in the heart of cities can increase mental and physical health and develop a safer community.

5 Beecher urban farmer brings dream of organic market to life

Excerpt: When urban farmer Jacky King gets an idea, he makes it happen.

6 How urban agriculture has transformed Charlotte, North Carolina

Excerpt: These ten urban agriculture projects have changed the food system in Charlotte, North Carolina. Read more.

7 Harden: Local food is growing roots

Excerpt: Harden serves as the Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture. Raised on a farm in Camilla, Georgia, Deputy Secretary Harden helps lead the department, working to strengthen the American agricultural economy, revitalize rural communities, and expand access to healthy food for every American.

8 Local food coming to Joe Bruno Stadium

Excerpt: The ‘Taste NY’ campaign is teaming up with the Tri-City Valley Cats to bring locally grown foods from your fields, to theirs.

9 Local Food Is Still A Niche. Can It Grow Beyond That?

Excerpt: ‘Local’ food makes up a small fraction of what Americans eat. But a recent study argues that 90 percent of people living in cities could be fed with food grown with 100 miles.

10 FarmLogs App Helps Farmers Collect and Retrieve Data

Excerpt: The FarmLogs app allows farmers to enter planting dates, crop yield and other data on mobile devices and to share it easily via the web.

11 Troubled Delta System Is California’s Water Battleground

Excerpt: The fight pits the north against the south, farmers against environmental groups, farmers against one another and residents against the governor.


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