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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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Sustainable Ag + Food News: Seedstock’s Weekly Roundup

May 7, 2015 |

seedstock1  How tech can stop the looming food crisis (Fortune)

Excerpt: Start by developing technologies that reduce all the wasted food out there.

2 Scorched (Pacific Standard)

Excerpt: For Central American migrants, the promise of work in the fields of California has dried up.

3 Your favorite organic brand is actually owned by a multinational food company (Washington Post)

Excerpt:  With annual sales rising about $32 billion, the organic food companies have been swallowed up by larger corporations best known for conventional products. The effects of ‘organic’ food remains a matter of debate.

4 ‘Whole Paycheck’ no more? Whole Foods to launch lower-priced grocery chain (Fortune)

Excerpt: The grocer is building a new lower-priced chain of stores aimed at customers who balk at the high prices that have earned it the moniker ‘Whole Paycheck’ as the company looks for new sources of growth.

5 Livestock Farming Is Changing Agriculture on Long Island (NY Times)

Excerpt: Former potato farms on the North Fork are now raising sheep, hogs, chicken and Charolais cattle, delighting supporters of local food and environmental sustainability.

6 Experiment in Irvine takes crops’ water use to new lows (LA Times)

Excerpt:  On a recent afternoon, Santa Ana winds swept through a sunny, 200-acre swath of Irvine where a quiet experiment could have a major impact in the blueberry world.

7 Central Valley’s growing concern: Crops raised with oil field water (LA Times)

Excerpt: Here in California’s thirsty farm belt, where pumpjacks nod amid neat rows of crops, it’s a proposition that seems to make sense: using treated oil field wastewater to irrigate crops.

8 How to save California agriculture from itself (Chicago Tribune)

Excerpt: You would hope the worsening drought in California would bring out the best in the state’s politicians, particularly those who profess to care about the waste of taxpayers’ money.

9 The New Church Supper: Local Food Meets a Tradition of Radical Hospitality (Take Part)

Excerpt: By turning to area farms for ingredients, churches are changing the way they feed people.

10 National Sustainable Agriculture Standard (LEO-4000) Moves Closer to Completion (Press Release)

Excerpt: Madison, WI, May 7, 2015 /3BL Media/ – Leonardo Academy announced the launch of the second public comment and balloting period for the National Sustainable Agriculture Standard (LEO-4000).

11 Probasco Urban Farm Looking to Grow Cincinnati’s Local Food Scene Through Mushrooms (Urbancincy,com)

Excerpt: Urban farming was a hot topic a couple of years ago. While it has largely fallen out of the limelight, the movement has plodded forward.

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