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Sustainable Ag News: Seedstock’s Weekly Roundup

September 13, 2014 |

seedstockLong-Awaited New Series ‘Food Forward’ Makes Its Debut on PBS  

Excerpt: “A 13-episode series examining our food system called Food Forward, premiering on PBS stations across the country and streaming on beginning this week.”

Source: Civil Eats

Tano and Granny helping local food movement

Excerpt: “A partnership between a garden school and a local restaurant is keeping food as locally Loveland as possible”


Urban farming’s growing popularity draws University students

Excerpt: “While homegrown food is nothing new to the city of Detroit, a new wave of enthusiasm for urban farming is enticing longtime residents and University students alike to start growing..”

Source: The Michigan Daily

Should Sacramento allow urban farming?

Excerpt: “Sacramento is considering allowing urban farming and permit-free zones for participating businesses.”


This is what a more sustainable American food system looks like

Excerpt: “As someone who unironically loves this country, I challenged myself to find someone in every state in the nation who’s breaking the status quo when it comes to production of, access to, and education about food — but in a way that’s characteristic of, or addresses a particular need in, their home state. Spoiler alert: I did!”

Source: Grist

Bristol to provide urban farming inspiration as EU Green Capital

Excerpt: “Steve Glover doesn’t mind being called an unlikely pioneer of sustainable urban agriculture. A few years ago he didn’t even know how to grow organic vegetables, let alone on a deserted piece of land next to Bristol’s train station.”

Source: The Guardian

Arctic Greenhouse Grows Greens Year-Round

Excerpt: “Processed food comprises more than 84 percent of the average diet of individuals in Nunavik. At present, the demands of a growing population make the existing traditional food system in the region unable to adequately feed the community. The greenhouse will help improve local food security by extending the growing season past the summer months.”

Source: Food Tank

All the News That’s Fit to Eat: Annie’s Big Deal, More Bee Danger, and Foster Farms Gets Called Out

Source: Civil Eats

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