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Tillage Radish® Cover Crop Granted Plant Variety Protection

June 18, 2012 |

News Release – ROBESONIA, Pa., June 15, 2012 – Cover Crop Solutions, LLC, announces that its flagship cover crop, Tillage Radish®, officially known as Variety CCS-779, has been awarded U.S. Plant Variety Protection #201200292. Tillage Radish® is now under the U.S. Plant Variety Protection pending statute, and unauthorized propagation is strictly prohibited.  This distinction indicates that Tillage Radish® is a unique variety.

David Weaver, company CEO, states, “The significance of Tillage Radish® PVP status is that it demonstrates Cover Crop Solutions’ serious commitment to delivering a dependable high quality radish with superior genetics to the cover crop industry to address the broader topic of soil health, which we believe is the future of viable agriculture on a global scale.”

The plant is a tuber with unique genetics, featuring a single aggressive taproot that reaches depths of 30″ and beyond, penetrating compacted soil layers common in highly productive fields. It also helps draw nutrients into the upper regions of the soil profile where cash crops can use them the next season.

Planted in late summer or early fall, Tillage Radish® helps minimize water run off, nutrient leaching and soil erosion. In controlled replicated field trials, Tillage Radish® showed a yield increase of 11% for corn and 10% for soybeans compared to controls. Tillage Radish® seed is added to fall planted winter wheat, and has shown yield increases from seven to 12 bushels per acre.

“Cash crops respond dramatically to healthier soil conditions,” explains Steve Groff, who helped develop the product at his Cedar Meadow Farm in Holtwood, PA, working in conjunction with Dr. Ray Weil, University of Maryland. “We’ve been no-till farming for over 20 years. Our crops require less fertilizer and our yields are very strong. We know first hand that where the soil is alive with beneficial fungi and earthworms, and has great structure, cash crops will be especially profitable.”

About Cover Crop Solutions, LLC
Cover Crop Solutions, LLC, is an agricultural seed company marketing cover crop seeds that make a positive contribution to the farm’s bottom line. Crop Solutions supports research projects to promote the use of cover crops to restore and maintain soil health in agriculture.

The company is based in Robesonia, PA, and can be contacted at 800-747-9441, through, or

SOURCE Cover Crop Solutions, LLC

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