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Sustainable Agriculture Tech Co. Uses Shrimp Heads and Microbiological Components to Increase Yields

February 21, 2012 |

News Release – (TULARE, CA, Feb 14, 2012) – Among the many head-turning products at last week’s 45th World Ag Expo was an innovative biotechnology formula for soil sustainability that uses discarded shrimp heads and microbiological components to fortify crop plants and cost-efficiently improve yield, quality and profit.

Field proven in more than 1,500 trials around the world, the patented soil regeneration product (“biofertilizer”) from Agrinos of Norway is manufactured in Mexico and has the potential to transform California’s $40 billion agricultural industry, a major contributor to America’s export economy.

Dubbed High Yield Technology (HYT(TM)), the sustainable farming breakthrough from Agrinos incorporates the use of complex microbial formulas combined with waste streams from the commercial aquaculture industry to enable significant improvements in soil fertility and health, as well as added crop resistance to pests, diseases and stress. All HYT products have been certified organic by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and are in compliance with USDA organic standards.

Agrinos, which has opened a California office in Napa, has conducted extensive crop trials and scientific studies with farmers and agricultural research centers in Latin America, Asia and Europe. These have consistently resulted in average crop yield increases of nearly 30 percent. It is currently working on trials with industrial farmers in California and other states involving the cultivation of row crops, fruit, vegetables and nuts.

By using affordable priced Agrinos HYT products, farmers are able to:

— Improve the efficiency of conventional fertilizer use — Biological fix atmospheric nitrogen for use by crop plants — Solubilize nutrients locked up in soil, making them plant available — Decrease crop productivity losses due to periods of plant stress — Increase water retention and penetration of soil

“Use of the Agrinos technology re-establishes a healthy, commercially productive ecosystem of soil microbes,” notes Mark Abildgaard, head of Western U.S. operations. “This allows sustainable farming practices to flourish and the opportunity for organic crops to be cultivated in a more cost-efficient way.”

Agrinos’ HYT(TM) components form the basis for all Agrinos products, which are customized for different crop types and local farm management methods. This includes outdoor horticulture, specialty agriculture, broadacre, tree crops/perennials, and geographic soil conditions. Sustainable solutions from Agrinos include technical training and on-location farm support by a team of agronomists.

“We are fully committed to providing a range of education, testing and technical support services to our customers in North America,” added Abildgaard, who said the company had a number of research projects in the pipeline with agricultural schools and large industrial farms in different states across the country. The company recently received approval from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture for a nationwide product license to sell its microbial HYT A product in China. It was also named as a supplier to MasAgro, the Mexican government’s 10-year program to improve agricultural performance and sustainability on a nationwide level.

Agrinos is exhibiting at Booth #4000 in Pavilion D at the 2012 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.

About Agrinos

Founded in 2009, Agrinos is based in Oslo, Norway and is a green technology company committed to improving the productivity and decreasing the environmental impact of modern agriculture. The Agrinos line of High Yield Technology(TM) (HYT(TM)) products help farmers practice profitable, sustainable agriculture by furthering crop yield, more efficiently using conventional fertilizers, and decreasing environmental stress. It currently has offices and operations in the USA, UK, Norway, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Ghana, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and the People’s Republic of China. Agrinos has financial backing from a number of leading international investors and a strong management team headed by its Chairman, Dr. Thorleif Enger, the former president and CEO of Yara International, the world’s largest conventional fertilizer supplier. More information is available at .

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