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Fostering Sustainability and Innovation in Agriculture
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North Carolina’s Week of Sustainable Agriculture

September 10, 2011 |

Those interested in learning more about sustainable agriculture can get a hands-on experience next week (Sept. 12 – 18) at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems Week of Sustainable Agriculture event in North Carolina.

“The idea of Sustainable Agriculture Week is celebrating local agriculture and what is produced on local farms,” said CEFS associate director John O’Sullivan to

The event organizers hope to impress upon the citizens of North Carolina that locally grown and sourced food can provide them with healthier and higher quality produce options and also benefit the local economy.

Especially today when the average American relies more and more heavily on fast foods and prepackaged frozen meals, O’Sullivan hopes to raise awareness of the food people eat and how it affects not only our physical health, but also the environment around us.

Another objective for the ‘Week of Sustainable Agriculture’ is to highlight the growing career options available in sustainable farming. Non-profit programs, new farm enterprises, and local marketing opportunities for sustainable agriculture operations are just some of the new positions becoming more available according to Nancy Creamer, associate director of CEFS and professor of sustainable agriculture and community based food systems at North Carolina State University.

“There is a multiplier effect when we support local agriculture and the money circulates in our local economies, and job creation is a direct benefit,” Creamer said.

Some highlights of the coming week’s event include a screening and discussion of the controversial movie “Ingredients,” which discusses how the loss of focus on the origin of our food has become a detriment to our health; a two-day whole animal butchery workshop; and various outreach events throughout local communities.

And for those unable to attend, it’s still possible to make a contribution to advancing the mission of CEFS and sustainable agriculture by making a daily effort to shop locally and choosing healthier food options.

For more information on the Center for Environmental Farming Systems and their upcoming events, visit their website.


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